Thursday 23 August 2012

This Blog is on the move!


I'm moving this blog in-house i.e. making it part of my website so please click the link below to find its new home:
I'll see you all there then!!

Friday 27 July 2012

Andrew Scott, actor

This is a caricature of the actor Andrew Scott who brilliantly played Moriarty in the recent Sherlock Holmes series

Thursday 26 July 2012

Tuesday 24 July 2012

Latest musings

A couple of images from the latest sketchbook.

This first image was an effort at 'reportage' (where you draw what's going on around you) when I was working at the recent Queen's Jubilee celebrations at RAF Cosford. I'd been drawing caricatures all day so it was nice to take a break and do another type of drawing!

This is another one of those teapots I find around the place - this one has obvious Pisa influences.

Wednesday 6 June 2012

More images of Venice

The very first skecth I drew - this is as far as I got before the detail of the place started to get to me...

Then I decided to draw buildings while we were sitting in a sreet cafe having coffee etc...

A LOT of coffee actually......

These are the classic street lamps they have all over Venice while the gargoyle was a particularly impressive example!

These two 'cool dudes' were sitting opposite us at a restaurant and were just so funny to watch - I just had to draw them...

Friday 1 June 2012

Recent trip to Venice

Just returned from a brilliant 12 day holiday in Venice. I took a couple of sketchbooks along with me fully inetnding to do plenty of sketching but I'd forgotten just how beautiful the city is and, to be honest, I was intimidated by it. There's so much detail everywhere....anyway, the above sketch was the view just around the corner from out apartment. It's only a small section of the view - if you multiply the width it by at least 4 then you'll get some idea of the view!

Wednesday 16 May 2012

Charlie Chaplin

This is a caricature of the great Charlie Chaplin which is another in a series of British comedians which I'm currently working on. I thought I'd show 'The Little Man' looking slightly indignant rather than the lost soul look he sometimes displayed!