Monday, 13 December 2010

December so far

Okay, I thought I'd try to catch up and say exactly what I've been doing so far this month:

On the 2nd December I found myself fighting the snow in Elland, Yorkshire at a corporate event which went very well. Nearly got stuck in the snow on a side road though.....

The 3rd December found me at the Royal Welch barracks in Chester working at one of their NCO's events - great fun!

The 4th December saw me working in Manchester for British Gas at the Manchester Ramada Hotel which was a great night.

On the 7th December I was actually working at a restaurant in Knutsford (hoorah!) at a private party where I THOUGHT I had to draw 28 people in total and so I'd allowed myself three hours. When I arrived at the restaurant I discovered that I had a total of 32 guests to draw and I drew the lot (in VERY cramped conditions) in under two hours.......not bad eh?

The 10th December saw me working in the morning for a recruitment company in Central Manchester (I did a similar event for them last December but this was at their new, swisher offices) and then I had to drive down to London for an evening event at Gresham College for a Patents Company which was great fun but a totlly knackering day as I didn't get back home until 1:30am-ish!

On the 11th December I worked for a call centre company (Moneypenny) at an event in Wrexham. I only had to do two hours (although I was booked for 2 - 3 hours) and, even though it was during the meal, I still managed to draw 36+ guests! I must be getting faster at this malarky!!
I should really make an effort to take some photos at some of these events.
In the meantime I'm working through a great pile of studio work.