Thursday, 31 March 2011

Soren Malling, The Killing

Saturday night (well, Sunday morning actually as I'm usually working on Saturday night!) will not be the same now that the series, The Killing, has come to a breathless end. Can't wait for the new series (which apparently is only 10 episodes this time) to start. What happens the 'old' characters in this first series? - we'll probably never know but we do know that DI Sarah Lund's sidecick, played by Soren Malling didn't make it (he was shot and then died in what we call 'suspicious' circumstances.....)
Anyway here's a caricature of said Malling....

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Howard Jacobson

I thought I'd have a go at capturing the author (and let's not forget a Man Booker Prize winner) who also happens to have a very interesting face! It's a lot easier caricaturing such faces of course.....

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Just William

Some people are born to be caricatured and William Hague is one of them! He's not been doing so well recently and I'm sure that he's not high on the SAS birthday card list! Time will tell to see how he copes with the Libya crisis....


Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Another commission

Here's a recent commission for a very good client of mine for someone who's about to retire from their ranks. Admittedly he looks young in the caricature but he did actually look young in the photo - about in his mid forties so, unless they're reiting folks early from this particular business, he's a very young looking older man! Anyway, they wanted him portrayed as a hippie complete with guitar and campervan.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Harry Redknapp

There's little doubt that Mr Redknapp is a very successful football manager (some suggest he is already earmarked as the next England manager) but for me, as usual, it is the face that is of interest. The strange right eye and the heavy eyelids.....fascinating.....and so below is my caricature of him.
I refer to my previous entry where I suggest you can see the boy in the man etc etc but I don't know what it is about these managers but they seem to revert to their school days and have their initials plastered all over their clothes - a sign of a caring mother I expect.....either that or it's early onset Alzheimer's and they keep forgetting who they are!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Ken Stott

I've always thought that Ken Stott is the perfect actor for the role of Rebus, the fictional detective created by the author Ian Rankin, and has a brilliant face for displaying the very dark emotions always lurking close to the surface of the character. When he smiles though he reminds me of what my wife Liz says about some adult men - sometimes when some men smile they have a certain mischevious look and you get a vision of what they were like when very young so when Stott smiles I can certainly see the young Ken running around in short trousers!This is what I've tried to capture here in this caricature even if he is tucking into his usual fag and a pint. Okay, maybe Liz and I are just weird......