Monday, 19 July 2010

Weekend madness

It's been a very busy weekend (700+ miles travelled!) and so I thought I'd share a few images with you from it. The first photo is of my old friend (the relationship is old, not him!) Harry Robson, magician extraordinaire, who worked with me at an event in Saltaire, near Bradford. If he looks tired it's becasue, even though this photo was taken at the BEGINNING of the 5 hour event, Harry had been working the previous night in Eastbourne - what a tart! Anyway, it's always great working with Harry as it's always a good laugh and we both have a great time with the guests while working! He also kept the massive queue I had all day entertained so thank you Harry......

Now, you'll notice the big screen behind Harry? - this was used to project the digital caricatures I was drawing that day. I produced full colour caricatures (which people could see being drawn on this huge screen) which I could then drop onto pre-drawn bodies of their choice. See a few examples below:

This fella wanted to be Darth Vader (obviously!)

While this lady opted for Catwoman!

But life is full of suprises doing this job and this little lad (about 5 years old?) wanted to be drawn as ballet dancer! I think living in Yorkshire and watching Billy Elliot had been too much of an influence on the little chap and I hope this image doesn't come to haunt him in later life! The guests were given an A4 colour print of their caricature and the files were later saved and were burnt onto a CD for the client to distribute to their guests later. If I do digital caricatures at exhibitions etc then the files are saved as the stand visitor's email address so that the company running the stand can email the images to the visitor later.

Another gig was at a wedding in the Midlands where a groom from Mauritius was marrying a Russian lady which made for a really brilliant day's celebrations. The bride was a stunning looking young lady and all her Russian female friends were all blonde, leggy and stunning looking!! Hard work my job y'know, really hard work....... See for yourselves from a photo of the happy couple below.

It looks from this photo as though it was only them at the wedding but behind me was the bar where the 90-odd guests were all cheering while watching me draw them.....

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