Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Exhibition Digital Caricatures

I was working for three days last week at the NEC in Birmingham drawing digital caricatures and so I thought I'd show some of the caricatures here. The first image is a photo of the stand itself which shows the 52" plasma screen that I link my computer up to which attracts the visitors onto the stand!

Just to explain what I do when drawing digital caricatures - I have pre-drawn bodies onto which I put the newly drawn caricature (after the 'victim' has told me what body they want!) and I print it off for them. I also save the file as the client's email address and then hand these over the the company I'm working for at the end of the day for them to email the images to the visitors.......get it?....I hope the visitors do....!!! Anyway here are some of the visitors with their caricatures:

As you can see James Bond is VERY poular with the gents!

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