Monday, 27 June 2011

Dubai trip

I was recently booked to work for Samsung for four days at an event in Dubai and I thought I'd force myself to keep some sort of visual diary of the trip. With this in mind I spent some time at the airport (who doesn't these days when flying!) and did these two drawings:

I suspect that the pen I was using was too fine. Anyway, here's another one:

I eventually arrived at my destination and got to my hotel. Now, because of a breakdown in communication with the client I unfortunately spent most of the next day in my hotel room but I very quickly learnt to have a rather loving relationship with the air conditioning system. So much so that I sat in that room and drew it so that you could see the a/c vents!! The air vents are clearly visible at the upper reaches of the far wall - I found them unnaturally attractive by the end of my visit even if they were rather noisy.....

I should point out at this stage that the midday temperature outside the hotel was about 45 degrees C and so it was with great trepidation that I made my way to the top of the hotel and stand (in a shaded viewing platform) to draw the Dubai skyline. It's a very complex view with a hotch potch of small buildings shoved into any available space. I just concentrated on the the main buildings.....

The large sail-like building in the distance is the Burj Al Arab hotel which is a 7 star establishment and I was informed by the taxi driver that they won't even let you in unless you have a reservation there!!

The final drawing I'm going to share is the inside view I had of the Airbus 380 which I've never flown on before. A rather large plane with rows of three window seats either side of a central row of 4 seats (10 seats per plane row) and, after watching all the movies I fancied I started to draw this image just as turbulance struck the aircraft.... you'll notice that I ommitted the window seats on my right hand side as I was starting to suffer from exhaustion after my four days of working!

Not a breathtaking series of images I agree but my excuse is that I WAS on a working trip and it was just far to hot to wonder around the place!

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