Monday, 25 July 2011

Holiday (brielfly)

Liz and I spent a few days at a Landmark Trust property (Wilmington Priory) with some friends last week and so I took my sketchbook along as usual and tried to do a few drawings in the time available.
The first is of our bedroom - well, a view from our bed, which I didn't have time to add colour to..

The Priory had very nice shutters on the windows and so one afternoon I thought I'd draw them.

I then decided to go outside and have a go at drawing the old Priory....

It was good to spend some time with old friends and catch up with what's happening. Our friend's daughter is one of the fine ladies of the Puppini Sisters - Kate and her boyfriend are just such good company and they joined us for a few days. She'd only just flown back from LA after spending a few days at a recording studio over there. Ooooh the people I move and groove with daaahling.....

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